Your young player shows promise, interest, and commitment. You want to give them every opportunity to develop, flourish, and succeed, so you start looking into club soccer teams.

Club soccer is an organization of soccer players for the purpose of playing competitive soccer. Players can live in different towns/cities, as opposed to town soccer teams. There are no geographic limitations other than half of the team must be from Massachusetts. There are more than one hundred club soccer teams in Massachusetts with more formed [or consolidated] all the time.

This site was created to concisely present the club soccer programs in Massachusetts.

The soccer landscape here in Mass is extremely competitive both on and off the field. Players and their parents are looking for the best club that fits all, if not most, of their requirements; and the individual clubs are trying to attract the best talent for their teams and coaching staff.

These clubs are┬ábusinesses and they all want the best talent to grow their clubs and be very competitive. And, foremost, they are businesses looking to make a profit – keep this in mind; this is not a bad concept, for sure, just don’t think otherwise. They may care about the soccer development of your little cherub but it’s all about the brand, bringing in new players and building the club – again, no different than a local business on Main Street USA. encourages readers to leave feedback on the individual soccer clubs and rate the different categories; nothing scientific here. More soccer clubs will be added as time permits.

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This website is not associated or affiliated with any soccer organization; this is an independent site providing and soliciting information on soccer clubs in Massachusetts.