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Looking for some help on The site is rather easy-to-use but invariably there will be times when you either get stuck or simply have a question about the site.

Q. How can I find a club with so many listed here?

It can be overwhelming to find a particular club soccer program in Massachusetts; many readers prefer to view them on the map page, other do a search (in the search the site box found on each page in the top upper-right).

map of soccer clubs

Q. Speaking of the map…why can’t I see it?

The map of soccer clubs has been redesigned to make it easier to view on mobile devices as well as desktops/laptops; the older Adobe Flash which was not designed for all devices and operating systems. Hopefully the newest map works best for most people. 

BUT, the listing of soccer clubs on the map page is a great way to see them all listed and to select a club easily.

Q. I can’t find a club, will more be added?

For sure, more clubs are being added all the time and updates within the individual clubs. Many times information is coming from others.

For example, club administrators and coaches may be contacted for their feedback. If there’s a particular club you’d like to see and have information then please reach out and ask.

Q. So you take input from others? Can I add content to a soccer club review?

With more than one-hundred soccer club programs in Massachusetts there may be either incomplete or out-of-date information.

Having someone who is very familiar with a club and has some good insight would prove invaluable so don’t hesitate to contact MassClubSoccer. You can either provide a review in the comment section of a club or submit something to me for incorporation into the main review on the club page.

Q. I can’t find the stats for a club. Why don’t you post them?

Glad you asked. is a site dedicated to reviews and rank club soccer programs in Massachusetts. period. It is not attempting to be everything to everybody.

This site allows readers to see what others think about a soccer club and how it may compare to others. There a bunch of sites that provide individual team and club stats and they do a great job with all the different ways they slice and dice the data. Check out NSL for starters.

Q. Who writes the articles on the site?

For the most part I write the articles and every so often I’ll reach out to someone with particular knowledge in a field. For example, the article Why Children Get Concussions Playing Soccer I needed to speak with several coaches and medical folks I know to get some facts straight.

Q. Do you have children on any of these soccer clubs?


Q. Which club or clubs do they play on?

It doesn’t matter what soccer club(s) they play on. That club(s) certainly gets no more press on the site than any other club. I consider myself to be extremely unbiased, almost to a fault. I have no vested interest in any club and think there are some great clubs out there and some real clunkers – but I’m not the expert – you are.

Q. Is MassClubSoccer affiliated with any organization and/or soccer club program?

No. This website is not associated, endorsed or affiliated with or has any agreements or arrangements with any soccer organization in any fashion; this is an independent site simply providing and soliciting information on soccer clubs in Massachusetts.

Q. Do you accept advertisement on the site?

There are a couple of advertisements on the site (see Affiliate Disclaimer) and Google AdSense has several ads as well. The site will never have ads from any club.

Q. Can our site link to yours?

Yes. If you’d like a link on your site to MassClubSoccer please go to Link To MassClubSoccer for more information.

For the soccer clubs

Q. I’d like to create a soccer website like this…how do I get started?

Funny you ask. I recently started to outline some great soccer website resources I used to create this site. More will be added soon but this should get you started. Check out the soccer website resources.

Q. Can my soccer club be removed?

And why would you want to do that? People look to this site to find out information about the soccer clubs in Mass – think of it as free advertising; clubs are only removed if they are no longer operating or in business.

Q. Are ratings removed?

Some ratings are removed. An automated spam filter does just that, eliminates spam, or tries to. If there are multiple ratings from the same source it may do so also; and, of course, if comments and ratings are hateful or plain nasty and abusive then, sure, they will be removed, too.

Q. So how can I have reviews and ratings removed?

This site is for people to comment on their soccer experiences with you. Relax. People are rating you every day by suggesting your club to others or telling folks to stay away – they don’t need a forum like this to rate your soccer club – you’re being rated all the time.

It is not our role to determine whether a review is good or bad, true or false. You may dispute the truth of a review, but your disputing it does not make it false. You do not have any more seniority then other reviewers. You can post comments to any review on this site.