Benefits of Strength in Soccer

In soccer, as in so many sports, muscular strength is crucial and will get you to the level of play you’re looking for.

Strength forms the foundation of nearly all athletic movements. It is the base on which power, speed and quickness are built.

The right kind of strength conditioning can turn an average soccer player into a great (and strong!) athlete and allow you to perform superbly on the soccer field.

Gone is the perception that you need to lift weight all the time and throughout the year. Yes, traditional weight training does play an important role in your overall strength training for soccer it does not mean that is all you need to do.

The good news for you (and bad for your opponents) is that very few soccer players understand and actually do strength conditioning for soccer correctly.

Just about every action is soccer (e.g. kicking, to tackling, to twisting and turning, sprinting and heading, etc.) requires a good foundation of strength and power.

7 Benefits of Strength Conditioning For Soccer:

  • Increased speed and acceleration
  • Improved agility – stopping, starting, turning and decelerating
  • Greater ability to hold the ball up and resist challenges
  • Increased jumping power – allowing you to win headers
  • Injury reduction
  • Increased kicking power
  • Increased short term endurance

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