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The Lexington Player Development Academy (LPDA), founded in fall 2008, provides Lexington United Soccer players with advanced training and competitive team play, similar to club teams but more affordable and local. The LPDA, led by LUSC Director of Coaching Brendan Donahue, selects a limited number of dedicated and skilled players from Lexington. LPDA teams practice twice weekly in Lexington during the fall and spring, compete in Sunday matches in the NECSL, and have winter indoor training sessions, with an optional futsal season.

LPDA is a supplement to Lexington United Soccer Club (LUSC) and not a replacement; LUSC is a the soccer program for the town of Lexington, Massachusetts. Once you join the town soccer program of LUSC (open to Lexington residents only) you can get the club-like experience by signing up for LPDA. LPDA players are expected to practice and play in all the their respective travel/in-town events.

The LPDA offers soccer players access to more professional training and a higher level of team play than that offered by LUSC alone; the program offers a more cost effective alternative to a “traditional’ club soccer program – see cost structure below. LPDA teams practice in Lexington and compete on fall and spring Sunday afternoons, and on weekends during the winter.

Eligible LPDA players include all players registered with LUSC in the U11 through U14 age groups. Players are chosen through an evaluation session and through invitation. Selection to LPDA is based on ability, potential, commitment level, and coachability.

Regular players: $1,425 for the year + player kit (~ $275)
Practice players: $950 (receive training, won’t play Sunday matches or tournaments)


  • The LPDA site is a great soccer website.
  • The site has just about all you need such as contact information, club history, etc.
  • The main LUSC is very user friendly as well; easy to navigate and fast as well.
visit club site

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  1. Farideh Roshanali says:

    I am reaching out to discuss my daughter’s passion for soccer and her aspirations to pursue it at a professional level. As a proud parent, I am seeking your guidance and assistance in finding a team that will offer her opportunities for professional training and gameplay.
    Currently, my daughter is enrolled in the 9th grade at Lexington High School, where she recently participated in the fall season as a member of the soccer team. I am pleased to note that her coach has spoken highly of her skills and was truly impressed by her performance. Furthermore, throughout many years of playing soccer, she has developed a versatile range of skills that allow her to excel in various positions, be it offense, defense, or midfield. Additionally, her relentless aggression and boundless energy ensure that she is always at the top of her game.
    Beyond soccer, my daughter has also cultivated a strong fitness regimen, which includes boxing and regular gym sessions. Her dedication to maintaining her physical condition is commendable and reflects her innate athletic abilities. Undoubtedly, she was born with an athlete’s spirit. Her ultimate dream is to become a professional soccer player, and we believe she possesses the potential to succeed in making this dream a reality.
    In light of her aspirations, we are actively seeking a team that can provide her with the necessary training and opportunities to further develop her soccer skills. We also hope to find a team that will assist her in connecting with colleges that offer soccer programs. This way, she can continue to pursue her passion while receiving a quality education.
    I sincerely appreciate any advice or recommendations you may have in regards to teams or organizations suitable for my daughter’s goals. Your expertise in this field would be invaluable in helping her shape her future soccer career.
    Thank you very much for your kind attention to this matter. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    1. Thank you for reaching out and sharing your daughter’s inspiring journey and aspirations in soccer. You must be very proud. It’s always heartening to hear about young athletes with such passion and dedication to the sport.

      I understand the importance of finding the right environment for an aspiring professional like your daughter. However, due to the sheer number of club soccer teams and the unique needs of each player, I am not in a position to offer specific advice or recommendations for a particular team.

      That said, one effective strategy could be to seek out a soccer mentor. A mentor who has experience in the sport, particularly at the professional level, can provide invaluable guidance, insight, and support. They can help navigate the complexities of the soccer world and offer personalized advice that aligns with your daughter’s skills, strengths, and career aspirations.

      Additionally, it might be beneficial to attend various soccer showcases and camps, as these events provide opportunities for exposure to coaches and scouts from different levels, including collegiate soccer programs. This can also be a way to gauge the level of competition and understand what is required to succeed at higher levels.

      I encourage you to explore our website for listings of soccer clubs and upcoming events that might be of interest. These resources could offer a starting point for your search and help in identifying potential mentors and opportunities.

      Thank you again for reaching out, and I wish your daughter all the best in her pursuit of a career in professional soccer. Her dedication and enthusiasm for the game are commendable, and I have no doubt that with the right guidance and opportunities, she will be able to achieve her dreams.

  2. Brendan Donahue runs a great program. He’s a class act, has great soccer knowledge, and is a great teacher. He really cares about the kids’ development.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Brendan Donahue is one of the very best I’ve seen. Class act, great soccer knowledge and really cares for the kids.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Honestly one of the worst organizations I have ever seen. The try-out process is extremely corrupt- the “coaches” basically just tell all their current players that they don’t need to try out and they have already made the team, so essentially there are only 2-4 spots available for new players to make the team. The LPDA play in the lower division s in the maple league which means they play against pretty sub-par teams that are hours away from Lexington. Not to mention the U17 team is filled with mostly U16 and U15 players rather than U17 players which is honestly ridiculous- there should be teams filled with players that are actually BELONG to that age group. Overall a mediocre organization (I can’t even call LPDA a “club”).

  5. Truly mediocre club. Completely (100%) ruled by the parents. This has nothing to do with the kids but rather it’s all about the parents. (Full disclosure: we left LUSC a few years back for Club soccer.) Was “involved” again in the Spring and Fall as a 3rd party observer; our neighbor was not able to get his son to games and practices so I was one of the neighbors that filled in as a driver. What I observed was exactly why we left LUSC: it is all about the parents. The parents who suck up the most or yell the loudest are the ones whose kids are on LPDA. It has little to do with ability. (Watch the tryouts…fascinating. The “chosen” ones don’t even have to tryout.) Kids on travel are coached by dads who coach so their own kids get 100% of the playing time. Communication from the club and the coaches is horrible. The advantage is that practices occur in town and Lincoln Fields are nice.

    It was such a stark difference watching LUSC versus my daughter’s club team Night and day.

  6. The coaching is very strong. Director of Coaching, Brendan Donahue, is one of the best. He really knows his stuff and cares for the kids. He has a very soft touch.

  7. Very good club with strong coaches and good training.

  8. My son trained here and just loved it as coaches were very well like and the other kids really went out of their way to be nice. My son had a very positive experience and is looking forward to doing more.

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