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Abbey Villa S. C. (sometimes referred to as simply AVSC) is based in based in Hopkinton, Massachusetts with satellites in Shrewsbury, North Grafton, Newton, Uxbridge and Ashland; the club started in 2002.

This is a pressure-free environment where self-esteem is fostered by encouraging players to “express themselves” with their soccer ball and learn from their mistakes.

Abbey Villa S. C. promotes the Total Football concept from the very early stages of soccer development. This concept is anchored in a methodology that encourages each player to aspire to play a controlled game.

Total Football is a tactical way of playing soccer in which any player can take the role of any other player on the field. So if a midfielder needs to attack or defend then he /she can play that position on-the-fly. No player has a specific role other than the goalie; players are tested physically and need to be comfortable with playing many positions. There is less of an emphasis on winning and more on player development.

This approach is not traditionally taught in the U.S., though the Total Football movement is gaining recognition on the West Coast.

** In 2014 they started AVSC Training Centers in order to expand into other areas – mostly along the I-495 belt. Areas now include Greater Lowell, Metrowest and South County. This allows Abbey Villa to train more soccer players and develop winning teams in order to compete nationally.

Club Highlights

Abbey Villa S.C. ~ 40 teams playing premier soccer in Massachusetts and regional leagues; the emphasis is on player development; there is a great emphasis on ball possession and technical ability.

Teams train in the Hopkinton area. The main home field for game day is Lancaster Citizen Bank. During winter teams train in the surrounding indoor facilities. The Hopkinton based teams main winter home is Hit Quarters in Shrewsbury. They also train in Northborough and Franklin.

Abbey Villa S.C. provides opportunities for players ages 8 to 17 years old to play soccer at the highest level through their Club Teams. Youth Academy (below) is offered for boys and girls aged 6-9 while their Soccer Mini is offered for children aged 3-6 years old.  The Club’s primary focus is player development through the teaching of technique.

Abbey Villa S.C. is a very competitive club with teams playing in the Northeast Soccer League (NSL) and Region 1.


There are many summer (and winter!) clinics available for just about every age group and skill level; there are so many you will not need to work your summer vacation plans around them.

Young Players

Abbey Villa has a youth academy that started in 2011 and has more than 50 players; the academy is for girls and boys ages 6 –  9 years old.

The academy strives to provide a fun, safe and pressure free environment where children can learn to play and love the game of soccer; they accept all applicants.


Carpe Diem Technologies
34 Saxon Street
Franklin, MA 02038-3023
Hit Quarters
3 Tennis Drive
Shrewsbury, MA 01545-3378
TEAMWORKS Northborough
‎185 Otis Street
Northborough, MA 01532
229 Hayden Rowe Street
Hopkinton, MA 0174
Hubbard Field
81 Creeper Hill Rd
North Grafton, MA 01536
MetroWest Sportscenter
270 Eliot Street
Ashland, MA 01721
Emerald Hills
35 Greenwood Road
Hopkinton, MA 01748
Melican Middle School
145 Lincoln St
Northborough, MA 01532
YMCA Fields Hopkinton
45 East St
Hopkinton, MA 01748
Faith Community Church
‎146 E.Main St.
Hopkinton, MA 01748
Citizens Bank Fields
‎512 Old Union Turnpike
Lancaster, MA 01523


  • The NEW website of Abbey Villa is easy to read and contains a fair amount of information.
  • Some great videos and updated news section will help all those who want to stay informed.
  • The key information you need for the club is all in here.
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  1. Elie Zoyem says:

    My name is Elie Zoyem, my 18 years old son, Japhet Djimeli Zoyem, is an excellent soccer player.
    He came from Cameroon 6 months ago. He is at Salem High School presently. He wants absolutely be connected to a professional soccer player here in Massachusetts. How can you help him?

  2. This club only cares about revenue. Several coaching and location changes throughout the season and promised a local team but never formed one. My daughter played on a team that she never practiced with. They only care about their top tier teams.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Owner is a shady person and doesn’t know how to run a business. The turnover of coaches since my son and daughter have been there is shocking and the good coaches that leave are just replaced with town coaches. No value! We’re getting out before it gets any worse!

    1. C. Kelleher says:

      We’ve been with the club for 5 years and could not disagree more. We’ve had excellent coaching for our son which fostered his skills on the pitch, his growing sense of integrity, but friendships he’ll have for a lifetime.

  4. This club really focuses on player development and the coaches are very patient and never scream. They are highly trained and continually certified with lots of experience both in the US and Europe. The parents are some of the best in the league, respectful and supportive of their children. The cost for participation is average when compared with other clubs. You get a lot for your money. The Skill of Strength in the winter months is awesome. We are absolutely happy with our decision for the last two years to be a part of AVSC and look forward to many great years to come. They truly care about your child and nourish their love for soccer. The owner is a wonderful person who truly loves to see the kids learn and develop in a stress free environment. Talk to the kids on any team at AVSC and you will get the truth. Awesome Club !!!

  5. Unhappy with club says:

    Don’t know what More than a club means as they advertise. Coaching was good, however communications are very very poor. The owner could careless about you once he receives his money. The boys development director only cares about his top team. So unless you are on that top team, its just like any other club. Nothing special. They lie to get you to sign up.

    1. Do you have an example of poor communication/the development director only caring about his top team?

  6. Anonymous says:

    We have been part of Abbey Villa Soccer Club for 6 years. During this time we have seen our son grow into a good little player with a good sense of sportsmanship,
    On the first day of Academy Training, I watched my son on the field. What I saw him doing with his soccer ball looked so different from the kids that had been participating for a month longer. It was so much work for him to learn to connect his brain to the physical task while keeping his head up. Immediately after, I asked his coach if this was a good fit for my child. He said, “yes, absolutely”. My little guy told me that his head hurt for some time after he was finished that day. I was so happy that I brought my son back the following week. The progress he made was heartwarming. Overtime, he has truly learned how the soccer ball is an extension of his body and knows where it is within his space with out looking down.
    My son appreciates the coaching staff and learning the game of soccer. He feels that there is a place for anyone who wants to learn the game of soccer. I could not agree more.
    He also has shared that if one player needs to work on specific skill they work on it as a team.
    Playing time is fair in that everyone has a chance to be on the field and to voice what position they would like to play.
    I would like to share that the owner is very passionate about the game of soccer. He and his coaches allow the kids to play and make their own decisions on the field during the game. Based on our experience I would highly recommend to anyone to consider this club for their child.
    I hope you find my review helpful.

  7. If you are looking for an exemplary steward for the love of the game, Abbey Villa is the club. Unbelievably great attitude. Great coaching.

  8. Soccer Dad says:

    Coaching like any club depends on the coach. But the owner is just a creep. Money hungry, vulgar, “go to hell ” attitude. By far the most shady, creepiest guy I’ve ever done business with.

    1. Agree with all of the above. Hold on to your wallet around this guy, buyer beware. Told us in the spring that they had a team for my kid, took our check, then in October said sorry no team. He cares about nothing but filling his bank account.

      1. How is it that the coaching is 4/5 stars and the player development is 1/5? If the coaching is good, the player should be developing, unless the player is not putting in the necessary work.

  9. My daughter loves the practices, team mates, coaches and is very happy with her development. Coaching is skilled and attentive. Very warm and fun atmosphere. Some of the teams have recently gone on to compete in VA. Watch and see how well this club does, they are building great players.

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