What is Region 1 Soccer?

US Youth Soccer is split into four areas across the country. Each area runs an Olympic Development Program (ODP). Massachusetts Youth Soccer is part of the first area, called Region 1. In Region 1, there’s a special camp for teams from different states based on the players’ ages. These camps give players a chance to train hard and play against strong teams. The best players from these camps might be picked to try out for the US National Soccer Team.

Each Region has a state association/organization (Massachusetts is Massachusetts Youth Soccer) and each Region has between 12 and 15 states as “members”.

Region 1 is comprised of 15 states associations:

  1. Connecticut Junior Soccer Association
  2. Delaware Youth Soccer Association
  3. Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association
  4. Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association
  5. Soccer Maine
  6. Maryland State Youth Soccer Association
  7. Massachusetts Youth Soccer
  8. New Hampshire Soccer Association
  9. New Jersey Youth Soccer Association
  10. New York State West Youth Soccer Association
  11. Pennsylvania West State Soccer Association
  12. Soccer Rhode Island
  13. Vermont Soccer Association
  14. Virginia Youth Soccer Association
  15. West Virginia Soccer Association

And, in Massachusetts, there are two Region 1 leagues:

The Premier League – included here would be state champion teams, regional semi-finalists and other miscellaneous teams.

There can be no more than sixteen teams in the Premier League.

Northeast Regional League – s step below the Premier League; usually reserved for teams in state cup finalists/semi-finalists, etc.

Region 1 member clubs from Massachusetts

abbey villa sc logo

Abbey Villa S.C.

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Aztec Soccer

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Benfica USA

Benfica USA Background Benfica USA was formed in 2006; one team grew to more than twenty boys and girls teams ...
boston bolts logo

Boston Bolts

Background Scorpions SC (girls) and FC Greater Boston Bolts (boys) merged into FC Boston in 2015. Club History Boston Bolts ...

Explosion FC

Explosion FC Background Explosion FC (Futbol Club) started in 2001 and since then have garnered more than one hundred trophies from tournament and ...

FC Blazers

FC Blazers Background FC Blazers is a recognized leader in the development of elite soccer players who demonstrate exceptional skill ...
forza united fc logo

Forza United FC

Forza United FC Background Forza United, based in North Reading, Massachusetts, has its roots going back to 2008. They were ...
nefc logo


NEFC (New England Futbol Club) Background New England FC (“NEFC”) is one of the largest and strongest clubs in New ...

Western United Pioneers

Western United Pioneers Background Western United Pioneers (formerly Western United FC) is one of the oldest cub soccer organizations in ...
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