Why Soccer Practice Isn’t as Good As It Used To Be

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Yes, really, just don’t show up to your next soccer practice.

And what will you miss?

  • a couple of minutes of stretching
  • passing the ball around and watching others
  • coach explaining a particular move/drill while you and others watch
  • more drills of passing the ball
  • water break
  • coach will talk about what a great job everyone’s doing, etc.
  • dart out to the parking lot

You can do this much standing around at home – might as well just Snapchat for the afternoon!

If you want to get better at soccer and move ahead you need to practice, of course, and you need to get touches on the ball.

You will not get that with all the downtime in an hour-long practice.

But your “organized” soccer practices are not enough and will not move you forward.

Here’s the deal!

Stop standing around watching others – you need a soccer training program so YOU can get the practice YOU need.

This individualized soccer training provides step-by-step proven ways to skyrocket your soccer skills and advance your game today!

You need to get the most touches on the ball and make them efficient and explosive – from the very first touch.

The best soccer players know this which is why this soccer training program has been rated #1.

So sit out the next practice then show up next week and wow your coach and teammates with your new skill set – perhaps they, too, can skip a session.

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