Soccer Training is Mostly Mental

kicking the ball

In the fast-paced world of soccer, it’s easy to get caught up in the physical aspects of the game.

The shocking reality:

On average, players only have the ball at their feet for a mere 9 seconds per game. So, what are you doing during the rest of the match? The answer lies in the mental side of soccer – a crucial aspect that often goes overlooked.

When you’re not in possession of the ball, your role on the field is just as critical. Supporting your teammates, defending key spaces, and making intelligent runs off the ball are all essential components of the game. While these tasks require physical effort, which can be honed through training, the real key to mastering them lies in your mental approach.

Many players focus solely on the physical side of soccer, but the ability to make split-second decisions separates the good from the great. Should you go in for a slide tackle, or is it better to jockey the defender? Is it more advantageous to steer the offensive player towards the sideline, limiting their options, or should you guide them inside towards a supportive teammate? These choices require a sharp mind and quick thinking.

To excel in soccer, you must train your brain as much as your body. By developing your mental game, you’ll be better equipped to anticipate plays, make smart decisions, and ultimately elevate your performance on the field. Embrace the cognitive challenges of soccer, and you’ll unlock a new level of success in this beautiful game.

Soccer has and will always be coined as a sport of mistakes. It’s who makes less mistakes and who can capitalize on the other team’s mistakes.

So whether you are a coach, a parent, or a soccer player that’s looking to become great remember that it all starts with your individual soccer training before anything else.

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