Why You Should Switch Soccer Clubs

lazy guy on couchIt may be perfectly reasonable to have a healthy discussion, whether in-season of the off-season, about whether you should go to another soccer club.

Healthy? Yes, you want to look at your options and continue to evaluate a soccer club and make sure you don’t become too complacent so as to have your child’s happiness and soccer development suffer.

Don’t think you’re being a ungrateful to your existing club but look at it like you would your household finances a couple of time s a year – are you where you should be and do you need to make any trades?

Are you asking the question about moving to another soccer club or is it your kid? Is the conversation the result of a losing record or how your daughter is developing (or not developing)? Ask the question for the right reasons.

Even if you don’t like the coach for whatever reason re-think about moving. Youth soccer is a very fast growing sport and really good coaches are tough to come by. The club you’re is perhaps getting the talent they are looking for – or they are simply looking for lower quality coaches to save money…

Soccer is, well, just soccer. This is not about placing your kid with the best teachers in school. If you child had a bad math teacher would you switch schools or move out of town to get the best math teacher in the state? Then what? Oh, that darn science teacher – she’s just horrible so let’s move on again!

Though, for many parents soccer is so much more than just a game. It can be their passion. For the kids themselves if they live and breathe soccer because THEY love the game and are not getting the proper development on the current soccer club then, yes, they should look elsewhere.

Make a list of the all the pros and cons about your daughter’s current soccer club. And focus on the important questions and don’t fool yourself as you go through this exercise. Is she head-and shoulders better every single girls on the team and stymied in her development?  Yes? Then, sure head towards the exit door.

Unless you’re daughter is so miserable  it’s affecting school, social life and or family stay put. Let them mature without you intervening at every intersection of their lives. They’ll be getting some exercise and you get to spend some great quality time here.

You can revisit this quagmire soon – right around the time you rejigger your finances. The two go hand-in-hand anyway.

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  1. Victor Hart says:

    My son is 10 years old and plays for a soccer club in Texas. His play has caught the attention of some coaches from a really good FC Dallas soccer program. They have offered him to play on their new developmental academy team with kids a full year older. His current club has a total of 6 teams and only 2 coaches. Not enough one on one time for development unless we pay extra for the one hour of training. the FC Dallas DA team will only consist of about 26 players forming two teams of 13 to play 9 vs. 9 for the upcoming season. My son wants to go and play with one of his best friends with the FC Dallas team but he understands that there will be times when they will not play together. There are plenty of coaches to help further develop his skills plus the player/coach ratio will be much better to allow for specific training for each player. Current club relies heavily on scrimmages for almost half of the practice time and there are a handful of kids that are awesome but the remaining kids have not closed the talent gap with the handful. I am concerned that my son, who wants to get better, will fall behind on training with current team and will have plenty of training to become a better player with the DA team. I have informed the current coach that we are looking at other options but as expected he wasn’t very happy about the fact that my son has this unique opportunity but is more focused on the team he is wanting to build with 2 to 3 awesome players (not including my son). He is at the point where he doesn’t want to make a decision that will either make his current coach upset but, he understands that he has a chance to get better with the other team.

    Please help with an explanation. I am sure that we are not the only ones who have had to make this decision.


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