Great Soccer Gift Idea!

My daughter and I were running late for a soccer game and apparently so weren’t the girls in the next spot over from us in the parking lot was we pulled into our spots at the same time.


As the girls got out of their car it looked as though were wearing sneakers; I had never seen such cleats before. My daughter and I were semi-mesmerized? As we got closer we could see that they were indeed cleats but they had something weird on the bottoms.

After the game (lost 1-0!) my daughter told me that she asked the girls what was on their cleats and it turns out they were cleat covers to protect the spikes as they walk on pavement or dirt parking lots getting to the soccer field.

They told her that they now don’t need to change in the car before and after a game and don’t need to bring sneakers or moccasins to change into after a game. The parents must be happy – one less thing for them to forget?

I ordered a couple of pair for Christmas; they were dirt cheap. (FYI they are called CleatSkins).

Highly recommend:

  • UNIQUE and stylish with tons of colors to choose from
  • saves your (expensive) cleats from wear and tear
  • very tough and high quality material
  • easy to put on and take off
  • very affordable

Check ‘m out here >> CleatSkins.

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  1. Unbelievable – never heard of this, funny how there’s a merket for just about everything. Bought three pairs and JUST love them!!

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