10 Reasons I’m Thankful For Soccer

thanks for soccer
Oh, let me count the ways…

Grateful for soccer and how it impacts just about every facet of your life?

Here’s 10 reasons why I’m thankful for soccer:

  1. Allowing me to teach my kids how to behave and not behave as we watch spoiled parents and kids.
  2. Parents can supplement underpaid coaches by hiring them for private lessons.
  3. Helping my kids choose a college that has nothing to do with soccer.
  4. Turf fields and turf cleats.
  5. Surgeons who can repair a torn meniscus through two tiny incisions.
  6. Tournaments costing me a thousand dollars a weekend allowing me to spend time with other kids in an Olive Garden.
  7. My other kids who understands why Daddy’s been away for three days to watch three soccer games five states away.
  8. Hand warmers and Cabela’s wool socks.
  9. A good team manager.
  10. Going away parties for English soccer coaches.

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  1. OMW – too many hit home!

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