Insane People Should Be A Soccer Team Manager

pros and cons of team manager
The toughest job you’ll ever love [maybe!].

I was asked recently to be the team manager for one of my daughter’s teams and my answer could not have come out of my mouth any quicker… “Ah, no, thanks so much but I’m just too busy.”

Really? That busy?

Well, not really.

I’ve seen the full spectrum of team managers in all the years as a soccer dad; we’ve had some great ones and ones that should have give my answer even quicker than I did.

For the right person, being in this position is the most important on the team and one that is more often than not very under appreciated.

I spoke with a bunch of former and current team mangers and have this to offer.

The Pros:

  • As a soccer team manager you’ll most certainly have insider information; usually great insight into the coach’s thought process, his/her strategy during the season and for the games, how they approach certain other clubs, thoughts on other clubs as you may decide to look at other clubs, etc. All this depends on the coach – they may never share anything with you.
  • You’ll learn some information about other players on your kid’s team and some of their strengths and weaknesses; you may apply some of this as you deal with your soccer player trying to improve their game.
  • Some think your kid will get special treatment but I have never seen that; sure it happens; this could be a pro or a con.
  • Gives you a more global feel for the game as it’s being played and you find yourself focusing on the game and other players and not just your kid.

The Cons:

  • If you think you’ll get a discount for your kid – well, chances are very slim you will so don’t count on that when you make your decision. You ask, though, as it won’t hurt.
  • Some people are just never happy so you’ll have to deal with even the nicest of parents just barking about lost emails, game updates, what color uniform for the game in two weeks, do I need sunscreen, etc.
  • It’s just a great deal of work. You really need to think hard about it… may be the perfect job for you though you need to be prepared for chasing down parents for player cards, making reservations for hotels, sending out emails from the coach about the smallest of issues and getting responses from parents then responding to them, etc.

For the right person it’s a great opportunity to stay involved in your child’s life while performing a bit of community service.

But for me, “No, thanks so much but I’m just too busy.”

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  1. great post. I’m with you, I think! I’d rather enjoy the games and forget about the politics or the work that may be involved dealing with ALL those parents – ouch!

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