2023 Soccer Tryouts Never End!

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The options are numerous for soccer clubs.

So let me get this straight – didn’t club soccer just end and now we have tryouts for next season?

Holy smokes, it just never ends.

This week my daughters are being shuttled around to different fields for their tryouts; they are trying out with the same club they’ve been with for the past four years. They are happy where they are and we have had a pleasant t experience there as well. Each is trying to make a strong showing and have been stretching, running, eating right, hydrating and hopefully getting enough sleep.

It’s crazy:

Many of their friends and teammates are trying out with more than one club on the sly. We hear more and more that players and parents on some of the bigger clubs are just fed up with their kid being a number in a club and subsidizing the elite teams. I know many think these parents are just bitter that their superstar is not one of the elite players and that very well could be the situation in some cases.

On the large club we are members of we’ve witnessed the switching of coaches, fields, playing times, etc. all to accommodate the top teams; larger competitive clubs need to win at all costs to help with their recruiting efforts. We also think we lost a recent playoff game because the coach had to “help out another team” and a couple of second-rate coaches filled in for her at half time.

The current trend:

More folks in Mass club soccer programs are looking at alternatives in smaller clubs.

Big clubs will continue to get bigger. As these clubs get bigger smaller clubs will be created to help support the growing number of players who are looking for more individualized attention. You simply do not need to be in a big club soccer program in Massachusetts to get good training and development.

Some argue that the big clubs will diminish over the years as town/rec teams get more competitive and involved in the club environment – at a huge discount.

If you can fit it into your schedule you should look into others clubs during tryout season; don’t be afraid to look elsewhere and never feel like you’re letting down your existing club: are they letting YOU down. Vote with your wallet but do let a club know why you are leaving if you decide so – they may not care about your individual situation but it may help them pieces together why enrollment and talent is off.

So brave the horrendous rain, thunder and lightning, mosquitoes and muddy parking lots and fields have your youngster give it her all and leave nothing on the field.

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