Soccer Daddy Dearest

father with daughter
Be fair to your kid and others – don’t be a soccer coach.

Who’s your daddy?

If you point to the guy on the soccer field during a practice a lot of folks are going to have an issue with that.

Though some think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this most, I think, would agree that “daddy” soccer coaches are unfair to their own kid and/or to the team as a whole.

When you dish about a couple of thousand of dollars each year you expect that the coach(es) will not be bias whatsoever. Coaches will start viewing the game in the same way that the parents view the game.

Clubs should not put themselves in this position and should do all to avoid this conflict of interest. Having this in the town/rec soccer teams are fine – as that’s how they get dads and moms to coach in the first place. Me? I think it’s not fair to the kid or the team and cannot imagine the typical soccer family allowing it and standing on the sideline quietly.

A daddy coach is for the most part will do what is best for his child over the team as a whole – wouldn’t you?

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