The Making of a Good Soccer Team

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A good coach is the key to a great team.

What’s the right mix of all the variables that make a great soccer team regardless of the soccer club itself? Does NEFC have better teams than MPS or Scorpions? I’ll leave that up to the readers!

A good soccer club doesn’t mean that each team in that club is just as strong. [Some of this is manifested in the NEFC comments where many readers say the lower level teams are sacrificed for the Elite and Premier teams.]

Training, fitness, technical skills, supporting training, etc. Many would say, too, the most important is coaching. Without a good coach then even the best players on a team will not advance or even play properly. He/she would the glue to keep the team together and lead them during practices, games and tournaments – not a boss but a leader.

The kids on this great team would need to pace a high priority on commitment as well. A nice mix of players at different playing levels can have the winning formula if the gel as a team if they are willing to work with each other and receive the proper training. A good coach along with spot-on training will allow players to develop into these roles.

Parents need to be committed as well. [I think we can all agree on that and if you can’t then surely you should be committed.] Parents need to get their kids to practice on time, games early enough as instructed by the coach, and providing proper nutrition and hydration.

A good coach along with a strong level of commitment from all is crucial to bringing all this together in order for the team to evolve as one united team.

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