Is Soccer For Me Or My Daughter?

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Is soccer for me or my daughter?

How do you motivate a child who has some natural soccer talent but just does not want to work at it to get even better?

She goes to practices and games, gets tons of playing time for a top soccer club team but just won’t do anything on her own. She’s rather text with her friends, listen to music on the iPad/iPod and does OK in school.

[Am I more passionate about this than she is?]

Just because someone has some natural talent at something, doesn’t mean that they necessarily must also have the passion for it. I’ve known lots of people with natural talents but are not that passionate about it to do it all the time and with full gusto.

Someone who is great at say, woodworking, doesn’t necessarily have to develop a passion for it – maybe they just want to do it casually and at their own pace and not build you furniture or kitchen cabinets.

Perhaps I am simply projecting my own sense of possibilities onto her because I see all this talent – I should let her discover her passions and interest and stand clear as she pursues her passion(s).

She’s just a totally normal 14 year old. I think am a little too judgmental and biased toward my own perspective sometimes without realizing it.

Life’s a marathon not a sprint. [I just though of that!] If she comes around to be more soccer-driven and that makes her happy then fine.

If she doesn’t and soccer ends up taking a back seat then that should be ok too. Well, maybe!

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