This Is Why These Are The 5 Best Soccer Clubs in Massachusetts

Are you looking for the best Massachusetts club soccer teams for your child (and your family)?

With over 400 soccer organizations and 200,000 members, the Bay State has no shortage of options. However, a few clubs stand out from the rest, offering top-notch training, elite competition, and a proven track record of success.

We’ll highlight five of the best club soccer programs in Massachusetts, exploring their unique approaches, accomplishments, and offerings for players of all ages and skill levels. Whether your goal is to compete at the highest level or simply develop a love for the game, these clubs have something to offer.

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While the majority of youth soccer players in Massachusetts participate in town, travel, or recreational leagues, club soccer has gained significant popularity among those seeking a higher level of competition and training.

The challenging part:

With the abundance of club soccer options available, it can be challenging to distinguish between them. Many clubs may appear similar at first glance, making it crucial for parents and players to carefully evaluate their options before committing.

To find the best fit for your child, it’s essential to do your research. Start by talking to other soccer families and gathering first-hand experiences and recommendations. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the clubs directly, inquiring about their philosophy, coaching staff, and player development strategies. Attending a practice session or event can provide valuable insights into the club’s culture and atmosphere.

Taking the time to thoroughly assess your options is crucial, as rushing into a commitment with a club that doesn’t align with your goals and values can lead to frustration and the desire to switch clubs prematurely.

What is the best soccer club in Massachusetts?

Well, out of the more than 200 clubs, 5 have some of the best youth soccer teams and programs available in the Commonwealth.

5 best mass club soccer

Scorpions logo Scorpions SC

Scorpions SC is a prominent youth soccer club based in Massachusetts. The club was founded in 1998 and has primarily focused on girls’ soccer, although they have also ventured into training boys with some success.

Key points about Scorpions SC:

  1. Location: The club is primarily based just south of Boston but attracts players from all over the state.
  2. Programs: They offer a Junior Academy for younger players, focusing on training and development. For older age groups, they compete in high-level leagues such as NSL, Region 1, and ECNL.
  3. Accomplishments: Scorpions SC has won both regional and state championships. In 2015, Soccer America Magazine ranked them as the 20th best club in the nation.
  4. Partnership: In November 2015, the Boston Breakers announced the dissolution of their partnership with Scorpions Soccer Club.
  5. Rebranding: Scorpions SC has since rebranded as FC Boston, continuing its mission to provide high-quality soccer training and competitive opportunities for youth players in Massachusetts.

Overall, Scorpions SC (FC Boston) has established itself as one of the top youth soccer clubs in Massachusetts, particularly for girls, offering a range of programs to help players develop their skills and compete at a high level.

Read the reviews about the Scorpions.

fc stars logoFC Stars of Massachusetts

Founded in 1997 with one girls team, FC Stars went on to win 5 consecutive state championships from 2001 to 2005, establishing themselves as one of the best youth soccer teams in the state. Since then, they’ve expanded to include more girls teams, an academy, and more recently, boys teams. They are now a full service club, providing high level training to all kids, ages 6 through 18.

They have a tiered system with players of all levels, and a Junior Academy program for the U9 age groups to learn basic fundamentals while fostering a love for the game.

The FC Stars best year was in 2010, when they won 6 state cups, 5 for girls and 1 for boys. FC Stars’ mission is simple and clearly stated: to provide training designed to improve soccer skills and expose players to the best competition to prepare young athletes to play at high school, college, regional, and national levels.

They are also building up their coaching staff at the elite level so be forewarned as they may drain resources from the lower ranks.

More about FC Stars.

fc_blazers_logo_sm FC Blazers

On the boys side, you’ll find it hard to beat FC Blazers in terms of level of competition and play. Winning 4 out of 5 state championships in 2011, they showed their dominance over other club soccer teams in Massachusetts. This success has attracted talent in the form of players and coaches from all over the state, and has set their players up to go on to successful college soccer playing careers.

The Blazers’ stated mission is to develop their players’ skills and knowledge of the game, while instilling pride, sportsmanship, and a desire to excel. They are just now venturing into the girls side of the game with a U14 team that has already made a good showing in their first tournament.

For more information about FC Blazers.

nefc_logo_sm NEFC

With over 100 teams and 2,000+ players, NEFC is the largest and strongest club and has some of the best youth soccer teams in Massachusetts. With a professional staff and state of the art facilities, NEFC unabashedly caters to the premier player. They accept anyone age 6 through 11 into the Youth Academy Program, but their primary goal is to accelerate the development of the most talented players who wish to take their game to the next level.

Through their association with top college and professional coaches, NEFC makes sure players receive top level coaching, challenging training, and when the time comes, the opportunity for maximum exposure.

NEFC is growing at a fast pace as they continue to acquire/merge with others clubs, adding more facilities and compete on a greater scale at more select tournaments.

Read more about NEFC.

abbey_villa_logo_sm Abbey Villa SC

There are excellent club soccer teams in Massachusetts that truly put their focus on individual player development yet also strive to provide an opportunity for high level competition. Abbey Villa SC has a different approach to soccer training than most club soccer teams.

Abbey Villa uses the concept of Total Football originally created by the hugely successful Dutch Ajax club. The idea is that each player is able to play any position whenever it is required of them, and the focus is on the team as a whole maintaining possession rather than always moving the ball up to the goal right away.

Abbey Villa S.C. provides opportunities for players ages 8 to 17 years old allowing them to play soccer at the highest level through their Club Teams. Youth Academy is offered for boys and girls aged 6-9, while their Soccer Mini’s is offered for children aged 3-6 years old. They have a spot for players at all levels.  Abbey Villa is a very competitive club playing in NSL, MASC and boys playing in Regionals.

Find out more about Abbey Villa.

While all Mass club soccer programs exist to provide kids soccer teams and players with a place to develop their game and grow as people, they do differ in their approaches.

This list of 5 good ones is just the tip of the iceberg. However, if your child wants to experience playing with some of the best youth soccer teams in Massachusetts, it’s a good place to start.

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