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FC Stars of Massachusetts is an elite premier soccer club based in Acton, Mass.  Founded in 2000, FC Stars have produced 23 State Cup winning teams in the past 10 years. FC Stars teams also perform on a national basis and in 2005 the U19 Girls team at the time won the USYSA National Championship.

The Stars teams play in the Massachusetts Premier league (NSL), New England Premiership (NEP) and the Region 1 league. FC Stars is also a member of the Elite Clubs National League (ECNL). In 2010 the club expanded by creating a satellite FC Stars West unit to offer the Stars program to young players in western Massachusetts. Then in 2013 they started their programs in southern and northern Massachusetts; also expanded into New Hampshire.

The club has fashioned a soccer training development program that meets the technical, tactical, physical and psychological needs of girls and boys who have dedicated themselves to becoming premier soccer players. The Stars coaching staff, curriculum, philosophy, and the overall competitive experience provide a compelling soccer environment for premier-caliber players.

Club Composition

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Club Fees: U9 FC Stars Junior Academy: $1,250 (uniform included and there are no games or tournaments)

U10  U12: $2,250, thow in another ~ $350 for uniforms
The club employs talented full-time and part-time coaching staff with vast experience of the youth soccer landscape in Massachusetts. The quality of coaching is a major factor in the playing success of the FC Stars club.

FC Stars operates a tiered system of teams in each age group. The top team in each age group is called Stars United at ages below U14 and Stars ECNL at U14 and older. The second level in each age group is typically called Stars Athletic, the third level is Stars Rovers and the fourth level is Stars Galaxy.

The Stars West satellite follows a similar structure with the teams tiered as Stars West United, Stars West Athletic and so on.

FC Stars Team Structure

fc stars team structure

FC Stars also offers a Junior Academy for players U9 and younger to teach the basic fundamentals of the game and to instill a sense of fun and enthusiasm for the game that will last a lifetime. FC Stars have 5 regions:

  1. FC Stars Central
  2. FC Star New Hampshire
  3. FC Stars North
  4. FC Stars West
  5. FC Stars South


FC Stars offers numerous camps for all levels of play and to fit anyone’s busy schedule. They have an overnight (residential) camp at Franklin Pierce University in Rindge New Hampshire. This FC Stars camp offer all Stars players an intense premier soccer experience, with a fun and competitive learning environment for all levels. There is a four day technical clinic at Citizens Bank Fields, Lancaster during April vacation week; this is clinic is for elite players looking to improve all aspects of their game.

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Youth Programs

FC Stars has a Junior Academy.


FC Stars is host of the Annual Stars Cup (over the Labor Day weekend) which is held at various locations in the Greater Boston area in Massachusetts. The event is dual sanctioned by USYSA and US Club Soccer. Stars Cup is rated as a Premier Tournament by GotSoccer and is ranked in the top 20 tournaments in the country. All teams normally play a minimum of three games.


In late 2014 FC Stars opened a brand new soccer complex in Lancaster, Mass (1430 Lunenburg Rd). This is a 20 acre facility with 4 turf soccer fields along with lights.


  • FC Stars has a very comprehensive site for their soccer club.
  • Good information for existing players and coaches as well as prospects.
  • In-depth information on camps and clinics.
  • No “search” section.
  • Menus can be redundant and have too many levels.
  • No fees for the club identified.
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  1. Tom the soccer Dad says:

    my son played for one of the NPL teams. top competition, good coaching, expensive when you also consider travel. his friend played on the B team and they scrimmaged together, that team was no better than any D1 or D2 MAPLE team and 3x the price. not worth the money.

    if your boy is a good player and makes the NPL (or ECNL team starting in fall 2017), calculate the price with travel and decide if it is worthwhile. it will cost almost $10K with travel to Florida, Virginia, etc if he makes the NEP team, it is not worth the money

  2. This club was very verbally abusive and emotionally abusive to my son. He was treated poorly and the coach failed to teach the kids about team commitment. When other members of his team failed to show up for practices they still were granted permission to play in games. It is very political and money driven. There are better clubs with better coaching. At times the coach skipped the games, sent other people in his place and screamed at the kids. Never any positive or constructive criticism, only verbal abuse.

  3. My son played 2014-21015 season for the u 13 team great coach . Gret experinece the boys went to the final game and were very competative. The coach does stress good sportsmanship among the player and he also stresses everyone will play . hich is very good.. The parents of the players are also very involve in the program and we all get along well.So if that is wha tyou are looking for . Then the fc stars program for the boys is where it is at ..

  4. Parent of a current Player says:

    There is no question our daughter continues to improve. Playing seven days a week will make anyone better at any sport. The coaching is patchy at best. There are a few really superb coaches and some horror shows. Not just the verbal abuse but rather total indifference, poor judgement ( not re playing time but safety related.)The club is unresponsive and simply doesn’t care about the kids or the parents. Stars cares about the top teams and that’s it. If your child is in the middle bit- find another club. Most parents are too afraid of losing ground to speak up. Anecdotal evidence would say that the club has changed for the worse over the last few years. It’s an awful big price tag to pay when there are so many quality options out there.

    1. This review is spot on. The Stars ride off of the fact that the best players play there. You will find better coaches elsewhere. And much better communication. All of the parents are fed lines that their kids should spend upwards of $5,000/year and practice 7 days a week if they want to make it. Let’s do some simple math $5,000/yr x 10 years – $50,000. That’s a hefty price tag. I suggest not even going back unless your daughter made the first team. My daughter played one full season six-seven days a week on the “B” team and the coach still didn’t know her name at the last game. B teams are coached simultaneously as with other leagues there are 2 coaches to a team. There is so little value in this club.

      1. My daughter has been involved in this program for over 5 years and has had 4 different coaches. None have ever told me that I should be spending 5,000/yr or that she should be playing 7 days/week. I disagree with the previous comments. We have been very happy overall and she continues to develop and grow in her love of the sport.

  5. My kids have had a great experience. Coaches are dedicated, and positive. What I really like, is that they are a friendly group, and very down to earth considering they are the best club in the state (probably New England) on the girls side. It will be interesting to see how the new facility impacts the club.

  6. FC Stars

    Cons: It could be considered a turn and burn club – with high teammate turnover the burnout rate is to the extreme. There is a fair ammount of what some call verbal abuse and psychological games but to make it as a ‘competative’ soccer player requires a thick skin. Keep in mind soccer is a sport where a handful of players often carry the team, more-so at younger ages so it is encouraged of the players as a development tool here (and at other clubs) to compete with and beat out their own teammates. As to development it is a better club to enter after your child has played and proven themselves elsewhwere as the math will show most don’t make it though HS. Next to MPS – most $$ club in state. Winning is very, very highly rated here on upper teams. Lower teams struggling for consistent coaching tenure. If your child is bad with tryouts… this is a ‘tryout-a-day’ club.

    Pros: If your path leads here and you remain as we have your child will play with the best in the state and recieve some of the best training available. The culture is pure soccer so immersion in the game is something special and expected. It’s not about the money for it’s management, it’s definitely about the game. Boys is getting better girls is top in state.

    Ratings: Based on a section of players who have come and gone over the years and family feedback,
    that is:
    Coaching: The best… if your child is a go-getter and better if yours becomes a favorite. Favorites work harder. Hint… The worst if your child is over their head, like taking AP Physics when you failed algebra.
    Player Development: What your child makes of it. Great for some, Worst and find another sport for others
    Camps/Clinics: Expensive… But you get what you pay for here
    Tournaments: Very top notch, not a better run organization out there.
    Website: its about playing…bit a nice.

  7. One of the worst experiences for my U13G daughter. Stay far away

  8. My daughter was dedicated to this club, through the 6 years, the club has its favorites. The coachIng staff for 5 out of the six years was degrading and lots of mental abuse. This last year @ U18 the club could care, coach wouldn’t be there, no show to practice. It turned into $$$ not about the talent when she originally joined. It’s really a shame. Would I recommend this club, NEVER!

    1. Just about the same boat as you, just the worst worst coaching I’ve seen. Moving on from Stars. Lok aroud folks as there are MUCH better clubs around than this!!

  9. Stars has a very good system to develop young players. They have many good coaches there, and pay lots of attention to develop kids’ foot skills. For girls Stars is probably the best club in MA. Their boys teams were not that good many years ago but have become much better now.

  10. Best club in the state. usually the only complaints are from parents of kids who don’t play much. the Stars coaches actually expect their players to show up at training. What a nervy group!

  11. Stephanie says:

    Great Club, very good at developing individual players and giving them positive direction. There is always a lesson to be learned and any criticism is given in a positive way. Never have we had a problem with the coaches we have had for our son. He enjoys the practice time, games, Teammates, and his coaches very much. We have all had a positive experience and I would highly recommend FC Stars to anyone.

  12. THE worst coaching here at Stars; my son’s coach misses many games, bring his kid to games and sort of expects us to watch the wee one, and plays favorites on the team – just a horrible experience.

    Either don’t join Stars altogether or at the least do as Peter says here and ask around especially of parents on team now.


  13. GREAT club and very competitive, especially on the elite teams. I think more for very good players as mid-level not so great to train and develop, as like so many clubs the focus is on elite to win and lower levels subsidize, thanks.

    1. Every club has the same issues top teams get the A license coaches while the rest get well out of the cereal box or ESPN watching coaches. I know for a fact that they hire coaches with E licenses and that’s a multiple choice exam NOTHING TO IT! what people don’t understand is the USA is so far behind in this sport that they rush everything including Development not too many American players get the call to go to Europe or the UK to play the MLS is a joke at best 1 kid came out of the stars camp to a national team 1 out of how many players?? And all the money people have spent with the STARS……..Plus they just lost 2 of the best coaches around.

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