Over the top soccer parents

intrusive mom
Be there for them just not all the time.

I’m sure you’ve seen all these articles about “helicopter parents” but there seems to be a big rush on them lately – may be that time of year, not sure. [Hate the phrase anyway and just think it’s way overused.]

My interpretation of that phrase is simply a parent getting involved in every aspect of their kid’s lives and inserts themselves into every single component of their lives without have the kid fend for themselves, at least every now and then. Many believe they’ll be doing more harm than good.

As a parent I certainly had the experience of having a daughter involved in playing time disputes, issues with coaches, teammate questions, play calls on the field, etc. These are not my issues they are hers – I’m not the coach or the ref.

And the term can be very subjective too…

If I talk to her coach about her development, soccer skills for kids, playing time, position or anything – I am one of them?!

My biggest job in life is to parent my kids. As they get older and hopefully more mature then I will be doing less of that and handing more off to them. Maybe this is high school (not sure it will be freshman year so it may have to wait ‘til senior year!). However, I will never be an absolute hands-off dad and leave them to fend for themselves altogether.

I think even nowadays very few parents would fall into the very extreme group. Shouldn’t we be concerned about the parents who do not get involved at all?

Count me in the group as being involved when I need to and the parent who’s there for them for school, sports, moral/ethical guidance, and hopefully some day, a friend.

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